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FY2019 NWEC Global Seminar: Gender and Media

Date:December 6th, 2019

Place:Shufu Kaikan Plaza f B2F Clarte

National Women's Education Center of Japan will hold 2019 NWEC Global Seminar featuring "Gender and Media". An American Expert of gender equality policy will give a keynote speech.

1. Objectives

2019 NWEC Global Seminar focuses on gender and media. The media can play a significant role in either perpetuating or challenging social norms that condone gender discrimination and stereotypes in society. For example, women only hold 27% of top management positions based on a study in 59 countries (Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media, 2011), and stories evoking gender (in)equality issues reported in newspaper, radio and television remain 9% (Global Media Monitoring Report: Who Makes the News?, 2011). Internet user gender gap worldwide reaches to 12% (ICT Facts and Figures 2017).

Social media could become a transformative platform for social change including promoting gender equality. Innovation in ICTs enabled women to disseminate their voices and opinions to wider public. On the other hand, new types of violence against women are emerging such as revenge porno and on-line harassment against violence survivors.
In the seminar, experts from U.S.A and Japan would be invited to discuss roles of media to promote women’s empowerment and gendered representation in media in two countries.

2. Theme

Gender and Media

3. Organizer

National Women’s Education Center of Japan

4. Venue

Clarte, B2F, Plaza F , 6-15 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

5. Date

Friday, December 6, 2019 13:00-16:30

6. Languages

Japanese and English
(simultaneous interpretation available, consecutive interpretation for keynote speech)

7. Capacity

80 people
(media experts, business people, researchers, administrative officers involved in gender equality, staff of women’s facilities, staff at embassies in Japan, leaders of women’s organizations)

8. Program

Part 1 Keynote Speech “Getting Intersectionality Right in Media”

Ms. Madeline Di Nonno
Chief Executive Officer, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media*

*Founded by Academy-Award® winning actor and advocate Geena Davis in 2004, The Institute is the first and only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence content creators, corporations and audiences to eliminate unconscious bias, achieve gender balance, challenging stereotypes, creating an abundance of intersectional female characters in entertainment and media that targets children ages 11 and under.

Panel Discussion
“Women’s Empowerment and Role of Media”

Ms. Madeline Di Nonno
Ms. Kaoru Nemoto, Executive Director, United Nations Information Centre
Ms. Reiko Aoki, Visiting Researcher, National Women’s Education Center of Japan
Coordinator: Dr. Toko Tanaka, Professor, Otsuma Women’s University

9. How to Apply and Application Deadline

①How to apply

①How to apply
a) E-mail
Please send the following information to
(Please ensure to make your message title”2019 NWEC Global Seminar”.)

b) Facsimile
Please download an application form NWEC website and fax it to 0493-62-9034.
1) Name 2) Postal code and address 3) Telephone number 4) Facsimile number 5) E-mail address 6) Affiliation

②Application Deadline Monday, December 2nd, 2019
③Confirmation NWEC will issue a confirmation note to the applicants of the seminar.

10. Participation Fee

Free of Charge

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